Public Case Access System

Criminal - General Information and Usage

The Public Case Access System provides the ability to view case information about Criminal cases from 1989 to present. The information provided is for Sacramento Superior Court criminal filings only. It does not provide arrest information or case filing information for other California counties/courts, federal courts or other state’s courts. The case numbers provided for an individual are based upon the exact criteria submitted in the index search. Copies of court documents are not available from the court on any purged or destroyed record. Positive identification cannot be made because the court is unable to conduct fingerprint comparisons.

You can access a case by hovering over the menu above or by clicking the links to the right to search by name, case number, or XREF number. Effective July 1st, 2014, name searches and document downloads will incur a public access fee to reimburse the Court for the costs of providing public access to its electronic records1. You may come to the court and access the case information online through one of the court’s kiosks free of charge (requests for printed copies will be charged at the rate published in the Court’s Fee Schedule).

1 In order to provide electronic public access to court information, Sacramento Superior Court incurs technology development, maintenance, and operational expenses. Pursuant to California Rule of Court 2.506 and Government Code Section 68150(l), the Court may impose fees for the costs of providing access to its electronic records.